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Twister Orange Juice (24 Cans x 320 mL) - 22/04/2022

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Product of: Vietnam
Brand: Twister
Size: 24 Cans x 320 mL
Expired Day: 22/04/2022


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Twister Orange Juice 

Twister orange juice is made from pure fresh oranges, completely free of preservatives, no food coloring, no added sugar, rich in natural vitamin C, helping to support immunity, for your body to be healthy. strong and full of life.
Twister orange juice enhances the resistance, keeps your family healthy every day. Not only that, the product also has a very good cooling effect, helps to compensate for the body's energy after exercise and brings a smooth, youthful skin to women.
The product is canned for convenience, preserving the juice, always retains its delicious natural taste, brings peace of mind for users as well as bring it in picnics, tours, picnics ...
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